31 December 2012

More 40mm stuff for Tactica 2013

TACTICA gets closer so I painted only 40mm stuff over X-Mas.  I will run a participation game (I already told you didn´t I?) with my mate Björn, and there are 11 Minis left on my Workbench, and two month to go. But I´ve always performed well under pressure so I don´t worry. First a french Arti NCO, one of the latest addition for Perry-Miniatures Peninsular range, made of finecast (has to be finecast cause the prize rose from 3,50 to 4,50 GBP). But it´s a damn fine sculpt. He commands the 4 man crew of the gun you see below, I will mount them on a large multibase with the gun. The cannon will be our objective in the game.

And another guerrillero, a conversion of a french Voltigeur this time because the Perrys only have 3 different ones in their range.

 Last but not least a quick shot of the NCO (can anyone please explain to me in which way a Non-Commissioned-Officer differs from an Officer?) with a House I built 4 years ago for my 28mm SCW collection. Suits well I think.

I wish all of you a nice party tonight, "Guten Rutsch", and a happy new year.

15 December 2012

Incursio Barbarica 24: Roman General

His face is a bit out of focus, but here he is in all his glory: Titus Sempronius, Commander of my (not painted yet) Late Roman force. Together with Verax, his gallic bodyguard and banner bearer, he will not let the hairy germans cross the Rhine...well that´s the plan so far.
I used, as always, the Musketeer Miniatures Characterpack "Vortigern", labelled under their Saxon range. I replaced the banner with a larger one, freehand Jesus on metal foil.

5 December 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Time again! I´m really happy that my blog is nominated by Curt C and my mate Doc Phobos.  I did not follow Curts blog regularly to be honest, but I´ll change that in the future! He has some wonderfully painted minitatures, and even shares my love for SCW requetes! His "greyscale" WW1 project will take your breath away. Thanks for the nomination, very appreciated.
What can I say about Phobos blog? I met him personally, as the waraming scene in Germany is quite small. And I liked him from the start. Apart from that, he´s one of the best painters I know, and that´s no flattery. Check his blog, and you´ll see what I mean immedeatly. Thank you mate, I´m looking forward to see you again in January.
I like the idea of the Liebster Award. It´s always good to discover inspiering blogs and build a network amongst us nerdy wargamers :-)
Here are the rules:
 The rules of the award are:
- "Copy and paste" the award on your blog, and talk about it a bit.
- post a link back to the blogger who gave you the award
- Select for the award your five favourite blogs with less than 200 followers, leaving a comment on one of their post to notify them that they have won the award. You need also to list them in your own blog.
- Enjoy the moment, knowing that you have just made someone's day.
- Of course, there is no obligation to pass the award, but it is a good deed really.

So here we go:

Moiterei´s bunte Welt

A relatively new blog. He shares my current interest in the migration period and has a lot of fantastic Musketeer Late Romans on his site. You´ll also find reviews and FoW stuff. Nice.

Tank Girl

For me, Helen is the Grand Dame of wargaming. I know her from the start of my wargaming career on the Lead Adventure Forum. I doubt that there is a nicer person outside than her. And she really knows how to splash paint on minis!! Here WW2 Pacific stuff is gorgeous, she even wrote an article about painting Imperial Japanese for the WSS Magazine...and it´s on her blog, too!

Kampfgruppe Engel

Engel is a very productive painter and gamer, I visit his site almost every day to see the new goodies. His Treemoss-Scandinavian-mythology project is so cool, so if you like trolls and beards have a look.

Harness and Array

This blog is about the HYW, and you get wonderfully painted miniatures en masse!! Painterman has another blog, this time Swiss and Burgudian Wars. Also high quality stuff, this guy is busy. I love the colourfull painting,

Greywolf´s Last Valley

A master of atmospheric photography, he has a lot of cool stuff on his blog, from Huns to Weird World War 2...he makes it. He defeated me once in the Lead Painters League, I hope for a rematch in the future.

There are much more great blogs outside, I know it´s some work to run a blog but it´s very satisfying to get feedback and see inspirational stuff from others. I´m out,

11 November 2012

Manchuria, 1905

Hi all!
After painting so much armour and colourfull clothing and shields my eyes needed a break. After Björn wrote some Russo-Japanese-War army lists for Triumph&Tragedy I decided to paint some khaki wearing Russians. For a link to the army list pdf have a look at the Tsuba Miniatures site. There you can buy this fantastic miniatures sculpted by Paul Hicks, the Russians also can be used to represent the "colourfull" regiments of the South Russian Army during the Russian Civil War.
I experimented a bit with different khakis and washes on the shirts of the Russians. Their official summer dress where white shirts and white cloth cover for their heads. But they soon realised that the Japanese where good shooters and order was given to dye the white cloth or stop washing them. The dying was done by local chinese labourers and the result where a wide variety of khaki shades.
Enough said, I´m happy with how they turned out,

30 October 2012

Incursio Barbarica 23: 2nd Big Man

 The second Big Man, from Musketter´s Hengist&Horsa pack. Orvin, Haethelmar´s best friend. The shield nearly drove me insane, I repainted it four (!) times. It ended up like this, I´m not that happy but hey-it´s only a shield.
Here you see the whole bunch ganged up. Champion, Warlord (with Dog and Standard) and two big men. Now I´ve to finish the rest of the warriors and my Dux Brittianarum warband is complete.

29 October 2012

Incursio Barbarica 22: Little farm

I didn´t paint for ages, but this weekend I finally managed to get my farm done. Dwellings are Gripping Beast, the wattle fence is Renedra and the rest is built from scratch. I did this for my germans, but I will look the part from the bronze age until medieval times I guess. 

3 October 2012

Incursio Barbarica 21: Barbarian Standard Bearer

Yesterday I finished my Big Man´s standard bearer. Inspired, again, by the Warlord Chronicles I sculpted a bull´s skull as a banner top. A little bit "fantasy-style", but it looks convincingly savage to me. He´s also dressed in black, Beorwald gave one of his older shirts to his loyal follower. You can see the different base sizes, 30mm to 25mm to distinguish the big men from the lesser mortals.

30 September 2012

Incursio Barbarica 20: First Big Man

So here he is, the first Big Man for my Germans. I used the Aella miniatur from Musketeer Minis, a miniatur I fell in love with the first time I saw it (all you fellow wargamers will understand I guess). In the Warlord Chronicles Aella wears a black bear-fur-coat, and I liked the idea of a grimm and dark veteran look. So black tunic, black coat, brown hair, black shield. To add some contrast he wears golden armour, some grey streaks in his beard and fancy striped trousers.   
Because of his fur coat I name him "Beorwald the Bull" , Heathelmar´s most loyal follower.
His personal standard will follow soon...

24 September 2012

Incursio Barbarica 19: The Champion

The first big man, from Musketeers Horsa and Hengist pack. He will act as the Champion for my Warlord Haethelmar, his most skilled fighter: Sarolf, the Armoured Wolf. I wanted him to stand out on the battlefield, so decided to mount him on a scenic base. I´m quite satisfied with the result, he really looks like a dangerous opponent, doesn´t?

20 September 2012

Incursio Barbarica 18: More Hearthguard

Four new Hearthguards, all Musketeer Miniatures Goth´s except the one with cloak, he´s a Roman with new head. Now I´m waiting for a MM order to arrive, with a lot of Characters and the missing 4 Hearthguard!

19 September 2012

Incursio Barbarica 17: Roman centurio and christian priest

Musketeer Miniatures once again. I had to buy some of the new Roman Cavalry from MM´s LR range, and this centurio from the command pack is my favourite, so I painted him first. The priest seems to be armed with two hand weapons - it´s more a club than a cross, isn´t it?
I want to bring my SAGA Germans on Dux Britanniarum strength, I´ve got 4 more Hearthguard almost done, after that 4 more of them, two warriors and three "Big Men" and it´s done. Then I´ll throw my Late Romans with togther with Tilman´s and Christian´s and we´ll hopefully use DB for some clash of culture at the Rhine.  

3 August 2012

Hooked on 40mm

I like this scale now. A british Light Infantry man painted by Tilman and a Spaniard I painted last night.

1 August 2012

More French...

...this time with a wounded Voltigeur paintde by my mate Tilman from conquering the lead mountain . He was at my place this weekend for some painting, some beer and a SAGA game. I love his style, and think it fits perfectly for this éavy Metal. He also told me some details of the uniforms and the equipment, cause I´m a bit lazy when it comes to doing research. Basing done by myself.

Finally I managed to take a good pic of my french officer..

29 July 2012

French Voltigeurs in 40mm

Some older stuff that some might have seen in the last LPL. The Colonel and some Voltigeurs. The monk was the first 40mm fig I ever painted. 

28 July 2012

40mm for a change

After painting so much Germans, what I really enjoyed, it´s time for a change. As promised I painted up some 40mm Perry Peninsular stuff. A Lippe-Detmold Officer checking his watch and a guerillero. They will appear on the TACTICA in 2013 where I will run a participation game with my mate Björn, the author of my favourite ruleset "Triumph &Tragedy". That´s really cool because back in 2009 I ran my first game at TACTICA with him, SCW using his own rules. There are some more Frenchies and Guerrilleros to paint, so stay tuned.

25 July 2012

Incursio Barbarica 16: 4 Pt. SAGA Warband finished!

I finally made it! The last 6 levies are done. I mixed 4 slingers in my ranged combat unit, because bows and slings have equal range. I´m a bit proud that I finished my warband in two month, that´s 33 miniatures - in full colour! Ok, some were painted earlier but the vast majority of miniatures got their paint on the last two month. All human minis are Musketeer, mostly Goths with some Saxons and Late Romans mixed in. One WestWind Arthurian head was used and a Warlord Games Dog.
I´ll use the Viking list for them, I think the aggressivnes fits very well for my Saxons. Haethelmar is accompanied by his 4 Bucellari (Point 1), two units of 8 warriors each (Point 2 and 3) and 12 levy with bows and slings (Point 4). We´ll see how they will prove themselves on the field of glory.
I ordered Dux Britaniarum and I´m very excited how they´ll turn out. I will paint up some more Warriors and some big men for DB later.
Now it´s enough Germans for the momment I think, on to my 40mm Nappies and some Russo-Japanese War minis. 

21 July 2012

Incursio Barbarica 15: The Warlord

My parents took my camera with them on a trip to Finnland, but I have not been lazy. Now that the cam is back first pic of what I´ve done:
I finished my command-stand. After playing SAGA for the first time 2 weeks ago I had to finish this first, cause the Leader is very important in the game and needs to be properly represented on the table top.
I introduce to you: Haethelmar, a Saxon Warlord born in the shade of the Teutoburg forrest. Accompanied by his two most reliable followers: Allrich, the Draco bearer and his Dog Vroth.

2 July 2012

Incursio Barbarica 14

I bought some minis from Musketeer´s Early Saxons range and equipped them with large shields to get more diversity in my posse, these are Geoguth or Young Warriors with cloaks. The Saxons have been sculpted earlier then the Goths, and as a result their hands are sculpted open and the weapons aren´t that strongly fixed to the models. The Sax from the one with the red shield felt from his hand twice! After painting  >:( Anyway, they are great sculpts. Again I painted their clothings simply due to their lower social status.
You see Aethel, Gunthigis, Ervig and Urte.

1 July 2012

Incursio Barbarica 13

Quik update. I´ve been quite productive this Weekend, I painted 5 Models and my Warband approaches it´s completion. I´ll take more pics tomorrow.
Meinrad, my pagan priest. I really like this miniature.

23 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 12

Four more archers. I dressed them a bit less fancy compared to the other warband members, because they will be the "rabble" of my force. If they could afford some proper melee equipement and flamboyant clothing they would use it I guess. Again I´m very impressed by the Musketeer Miniatures. They are definatly on the larger side, "heroic scale", but they paint up easy and the facial expression that BillT sculpted makes them so cool. Thank you Bill!
What´s next? I will drive to southern Germany (where the fearsome Suebi live) next week and visit the Prof, I´m really looking forward to meet him and all the other great fellas. I try to paint as much Germans as I can manage, 6 more Warriors and my Warlord are waiting on the workbench.  Six more archers and my 4 Pt.SAGA Warband is done.

13 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 11

The second archer, Hauke. Nothing special but I´m keeping a steady flow, that´s new to me but I like the output.

11 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 10

A quick update: I nearly finished another archer but I had to paint a little boy and some livestock. The boy, Tilman, son of Dederic, is from Gripping Beast and the livestock is from Pegasus 1:48 Farm Animals set. They are a bit tall for ancient breeds but they are cheap and look nice. I think Tilman keep them well fed.

9 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 9

The first archer for my third unit. I won´t make them 12 men strong, I just can´t push myself to paint so much inable fighters. the unit will represent skilled hunters from the Teutoburg Forrest, so 8 men will be enough. I´m also working on another piece of scenery, so stay tuned. Now I´m getting more and more excited about Germany´s match versus Portugal tonight, guess what my other hobby is! 

7 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 8

The last one of the 4-man hearthguard unit is done. Renweard, my chieftains most loyal follower. He wears a roman helm because he is a late Roman germanized with a grey-stuff beard.

And the happy bunch together. Where are the bloody romans???"

4 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 7

 Another Noble for my 4-man-elite-unit. The retinue of a warlord consisted of relatives and his most able warriors as far as I know, so this one, Eckwin, is his youngest son.
I´m particular happy with the shield.

I made a desk out of plastic card. I think Saxons, livig close to the sea, liked fish

You see it´s only one new warrior instead of two in the past, but my vacation is over now. They output might decrease more when the Euro 2012 starts.

3 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 6

Yesterday I had no time to paint or post anything, I´ve been out all day. But today I finished a pig pen and two pigs (no pig pen without them makes sense I guess). Orva at the gate is for scale comparism. The wattle fence is from Renedra, very good value for it´s price! The shed is scratchbuilt. May be I´ll finish some more warriors later on.

1 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 5

The last missing warrior for the warband is done. It´s Alger, the one with the striped shirt. The other one, Torth, was painted by Mad Doc Morris and based by me.
The first unit is done. Two more armoured Heathguard are currently on my table plus my Warchief´s command base, plus a pig-pen for my village. More pics tomorrow.