24 November 2010

Some WIP

I started building a small greek temple for our participation game at the Hamburger Tactica 2011. It´s the second attempt, the first temple went so wrong that I destroyed it and threw it away! This one looks OK to me.
And some more riders for the gothic army.

14 November 2010

Goth Bucellarii

Finally I manged to finish my first stand of Visigoths. At first I wanted to place 5 Riders on the base, but it looked too close. So only 4 Horse per base. For a Basic Impetus army I´ll have to paint 3 more bases Cavalry, 4 Bases Heavy Infantry and two Bases with Skirmishers. I don´t know if that is realisable for me. But I hope so.

8 November 2010

Today I...

..cleared up my painting desk. You don´t want to know what it looked like before. And I stored everything I need in this small boxes. I then matt varnished the Bucellarii, they´re all done now. Horses manes and tails next.

7 November 2010

Crisis aftermath

Yesterday I was at CRISIS in Antwerpen, Belgium. I spent a lot of money (possibly too much) on Gripping Beast Arthurians and Musketeer Goths. And Dallimores new Book, pure eye candy that thing!
I´m crazy about the Arthurians because I´m reading Bernard Cornwells "The Winter King" at the momment. So I converted a Arthurian heroe into Derfel, the main character in the book. He is described as wearing a green cloak and having a wolftail attached to his helmet. Because of his saxon origin he has blond hair and is bearded.

1 November 2010

Sweetwater-Forum painting swap miniature

Some members of Steve Dean´s forum painted some figures for each other, and I stole the idea for the german Sweetwater-Forum. The funny part is that you recieve a miniature, and the only advice is it has to be 28mm. So I was suprised when this grim looking Landsknecht found his way to my home. I don´t know the manufacturer but he was definatly a joy to paint and I hadn´t done anything simillar until now. For those who like to see the other results

The Goth riders are done, I painted kthem over the last week. Now I have to paint their horses..and I hate painting horses, don´t know why.