30 December 2011

2011 review - 2012 preview

Again I´m just copying Christophers ideas.
So what did I achieve in 2011?

That was the plan:

Jason and the Argonauts for the Tactica 2011
100% complete. I built the terrain, painted some scelettons and varnished and based all the miniatures Tilman painted. The whole set up looked cool at the end and most people enjoyed gaming with us at the TACTICA.

The Warlord Chronicles

60% done. I need some more rank-and-file warriors and some more buildings.


Only a few miniatures painted. Not good.


See above.

Well my output was a bit low last year. I painted some Dark Age Games Miniatures, 40mm Nappies and even some 40k stuff, but I think I´ll save the pics for the ext Lead Painters League.

For 2012...

...I will paint and game more. I hope. Real life can be very time consuming.

But there are already some plans (which may change during 2012).

Troyans - again I´ll have to paint miniatures and build terrain for the TACTICA 2012. I´ll run a game together with Tilman of "Conquering the Lead Mountain". Deadline: End of February.

Future Wars - a friend of mine will build me a FW board, so my Post-Apoc miniatures might get some paint o.

Fantasy Stuff- something "WH-like" but with Lead Adventure Miniatures. Also terrain.

And I would like to paint some samurais, Late medieval stuff, some more SCW...I´ll see.

Happy new year to all of you



11 December 2011

Troy...a lot of work to do!

I cleared my workbench of all non-troian-stuff. Now my focus lays stern on bronze armour, boar-tusk helmets and cowhide shields. Tilman from Conquering the Lead Mountain and I will run a participation game at the TACTICA 2012 in Hamburg.
I´ll have to paint a lot of troians and their allies, miniatures are a mixed bunch of Foundry and Redoubt. BTW if anyone have some Foundry Sea People spare and want to sell them-give them to me please!

28 November 2011

SCW Character No. 4 and groupshot

The last character isn´t converted that much, I only added a whip to his right hand. He wears the uniform of the Moroccan Regulares.

All four characters together, you can see different nationalist uniforms worn durig the SCW. Left to right: Moroccan Regulares - Spanish Foreign Legion - Carlists - Falange.

26 November 2011

SCW Character 3

The miniature I´ve converted the most. I clipped off the right arm and sculpted a new one, the hair, moustache and gorillo cap are also add ons.

10 November 2011

SCW Character No.2

Second conversion, this time a faithful carlist requete. This one had a minor miscast: Where the mouth and jaw should have been there was only a hole. So I sculpted the missing parts as he was shouting ( motivating his troops for sure). He looks a bit like Jason Statham, doesn´t he?
Here you see both fellas side by side.

5 November 2011

SCW Character

OK I didn´t show any pics for quite a while. But when I saw Orctrader`s cool SCW Character I ordered 4 from Force of Arms. They are all almost finished, I did some minor conversions to represent Officers of La Legion, Carlists, Falange and Moors.
I start with the Legion:

Ignacio "El Leon" Vidal, Veteran of the Rifwar:

25 September 2011

BeST 2011 (gaming session in Berlin)

Some impressions of the Games:
Seven Samurai Game (Wasa´s own Rules)
Post-Apocalyptic Setting (Level 2)
Conan Game (Broadsword Adventures)
Brasilian Special Forces (BOPE) vs. Drug Dealers (Force on Force)
Cartago vs. Rome (Field of Glory)
British vs. Mahdists (Sharpe´s Practice)
As always I was too lazy taking more and/or better pics. There were some more games, 11 in total.
I played three games on Saturday: Force-on-Force, Malifaux and Gruntz 15mm. All this rulesets were new to me, but I liked them all.
There will be more (better pics) from other players in the net soon, I´ll post a link then.

22 August 2011

Post-Apoc scenery

I wanted a rusted roadsign for my Dark Age Games project. This is a little piece from my girlfriends garden (with permission of course), the rust is oil-paint stippled on with blister pack foam. I painted it two weeks or so ago, but oils need ages to dry.

21 August 2011

"Lat se man kummen!"

A while ago two friends and I talked about starting some grand-scale Horse and Musket stuff. The conflicts me liked most where the SYW, WSS and Napoleonic. With all the plastic-goodness available we decided to play the "Befreiungskriege 1813-15". This wars give us a nice selection of colourfull troops.
I started with the IR3, the 2. East Prussian. This regiment will later enlarged to 24 man, but 16 is enough for the beginning. Two layers only (except fleshand trousers) to reduce painting time. Flag is a repainted GMB flag (highly recommended), miniatures are Perry plastics with some minor conversions, including an arm from the Frenchies box.

13 August 2011

It´s been a while...

...since my last post here. I´m still working on my Dark Age Oustcasts and some hairy Germans for Sir Godefroy´s and my Tactica-project 2011. I don´t show pics because I´m waiting for my August-pay to buy a new camera. I always have problems to make good pics, and I´m sure it´s because of my stone-age-cam. We´ll see.
But, no post without a pic: This is Menelaus from Foundry´s troja rage.

11 July 2011

Dark Age: Hoj, Warlord of Samaria

Well, Dark Age again- but completely different from my Arthur stuff. I discovered Dark Age Games when I was looking for a Dark-Future Game. The whole range is based on Brom´s incredible artwork. So I ordered some miniatures from the "Outcast" faction and started. This is the leader of the Outcast gang.

28 June 2011

Perry Samurai for SW-Forum painting swap

Painted this one for Regulator. I´m very close to the deadline (01.07.), but he´s finished. At first I didn´t like the miniature, but when I started painting I was in a flash immediatly.

20 June 2011

Arthurian miniatures from different manufacturers comparism shot

There are plenty of opportunities if you want to play Arthurians. When I started my project I gave the 5 manufacturers a try listed in the pic above. Sizewise they work together very well, except the Foundry mini which is shorter and not so bulky.
A short overview:

Black Tree: The Late Romans are some of their nicest minis. They aren´t very detailed and not very well casted. But they paint up easy and look good then!

Musketeer: I loved Bill T´s sculpting style from the start. Here you can plunder the new Late Roman, the Saxons and Goth ranges. They fit my painting style, my favourites so far- the only reason I didn´t buy the Late Romans is that I ran out of money this month...

Gripping Beast: Again a vast number of useable miniatures in their programm. They´ve got all the characters from the novels, even Wolftail warriors. Their faces are great, but some poses are a bit weird.

Foundry: The smallest, most expensive in this line up - but also the most beautiful with all their crisp detail and very good poses. You can use the Late Roman range too.

Westwind: Some cool vignettes and character packs. Unfortunatly I don´t like their seperate head system, and the shields are too small for my taste. I use the musketeer ones with them.

There are other manufacturers like Artizan but I didn´t try them, I already got to much in my lead mountain. Hope that helps a bit if you´re interested in gaming this period.

19 June 2011

Druids at work

A nice little vignette from Westwind´s Arthurian Range, Pack DAS 03 "Druids making a Sacrifice". I added some putty-beards. The druid wielding the dagger is inspiered by the chariot-driving-one in "The Eagle of the Ninth". It was raining cats and dogs the whole day, so I had a lot of time to finish this piece. I painted it up for no particular reason, may be it will serve as an objektive marker.

18 June 2011

Chieftain´s Hall

I finished my Chieftain´s Hall today. It isn´t that large, but big enough for a sub-chief with 20 Warriors or so under his command. For the bedroom I´ll have to check Hasselfree for a nice girl or two (undressed).

16 June 2011

Romano-british Noble

Some news, I´m still painting some Dark Age Minis from time to time. Actually I´m infected with the Arthur-virus again (no EHEC) and building a chieftains hall with removable roof, post pics some pics of it when it´s finished. The Romano-British noble was painted this afternoon.

30 May 2011

More than 50 followers!

When I started this blog my aim was to get 50 followers. Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy my blog. I have to apologize for the lack of updates, but I´m very busy at work. I´ve painted a Helldorado Saracen for the SD-Forum painting swap, the pic is crappy, but it´s a new pic.

7 May 2011

Arthur´s Banner

Painted this Foundry Miniature last night. My Arthurian Army is growing slowly...very slowly!

1 May 2011

Something new

Just a quick shot of two miniatures I´ve painted today. I tried Saxon Dog´s Army Painter technik (OK I used Cote d´Arms SuperShade, but I think it gives the same result).

23 April 2011

The White Hand

Some of my friends play Impetus Fantasticus using GW´s LotR stuff. I painted this unit as a test. Usually I paint my miniatures in the 3-layers-technique (OK sometimes 4-6 layers). The problem is that I´ll never get an army finished this way. So I digged out some washes and started yesterday evening. I think the whole unit took me around 6 hours, and I´m quite happy with the result.

10 April 2011

The Hills have Eyes

My entry for Roud 4 of the Lead Painters League. Foundry Hill Tribesmen.

3 April 2011

The Beauties and the Beast

My 3. Round entry in the LPL Comp. Bronze Age Miniatures with some minor conversions done.

27 March 2011

Indian Summer

That´s my entry for the 2. Round of the Lead Painters League. Unfortunatly I lost, but it was rather close. I enjoyed painting them, may be I´ll get me some Perrys and assemble a little Indian Force to encounter my French Marines.

20 March 2011

Arthurian civilians

Some civilians. Mix of Foundry, Gripping Beast and Warlord. My entry for the 1. Round of the Lead Adventure Forum painter´s league.

27 February 2011

Raised store

The second buildig for my Arthus-project.

Repainted my girl´s snowboard

I repainted my girl´s snowboard, nothing wargaming related, but I´m quite happy with it. You can make an educated guess what´s her name ;-)
The little monkey is hangin´around there cause her nickname is "Monjat", that´s indonesian for...monkey.

23 February 2011

Dark Age wattle and daub dwelling

First scratchbuild house for my Arthur project (or any other dark Age/Medieval setting). I´ll do a small village, it was a lot of fun to built this one. I´m very happy with the roof, it´s a old towel cut to stripes and hardened with a lot of PVA Glue/water-mix (thanks to Rusus for sharing his wisdom with me).