27 February 2011

Raised store

The second buildig for my Arthus-project.

Repainted my girl´s snowboard

I repainted my girl´s snowboard, nothing wargaming related, but I´m quite happy with it. You can make an educated guess what´s her name ;-)
The little monkey is hangin´around there cause her nickname is "Monjat", that´s indonesian for...monkey.

23 February 2011

Dark Age wattle and daub dwelling

First scratchbuild house for my Arthur project (or any other dark Age/Medieval setting). I´ll do a small village, it was a lot of fun to built this one. I´m very happy with the roof, it´s a old towel cut to stripes and hardened with a lot of PVA Glue/water-mix (thanks to Rusus for sharing his wisdom with me).

6 February 2011

Post-Apoc Girl

I apologise for the lack of updates but I´m busy at work and working on some stuff for the Tactica .
I painted Rose from Hasselfree, she might be useful for a STALKER scenario. This miniature is tiny, so I sticked her on a BIG base.