22 August 2011

Post-Apoc scenery

I wanted a rusted roadsign for my Dark Age Games project. This is a little piece from my girlfriends garden (with permission of course), the rust is oil-paint stippled on with blister pack foam. I painted it two weeks or so ago, but oils need ages to dry.

21 August 2011

"Lat se man kummen!"

A while ago two friends and I talked about starting some grand-scale Horse and Musket stuff. The conflicts me liked most where the SYW, WSS and Napoleonic. With all the plastic-goodness available we decided to play the "Befreiungskriege 1813-15". This wars give us a nice selection of colourfull troops.
I started with the IR3, the 2. East Prussian. This regiment will later enlarged to 24 man, but 16 is enough for the beginning. Two layers only (except fleshand trousers) to reduce painting time. Flag is a repainted GMB flag (highly recommended), miniatures are Perry plastics with some minor conversions, including an arm from the Frenchies box.

13 August 2011

It´s been a while...

...since my last post here. I´m still working on my Dark Age Oustcasts and some hairy Germans for Sir Godefroy´s and my Tactica-project 2011. I don´t show pics because I´m waiting for my August-pay to buy a new camera. I always have problems to make good pics, and I´m sure it´s because of my stone-age-cam. We´ll see.
But, no post without a pic: This is Menelaus from Foundry´s troja rage.