31 December 2010

Wolftail Warriors

Some warriors for Derfel´s warband. And a groupshot of the Wolftails so far. On Derfel´s right side stands Issa, ready to protect his lord.

27 December 2010

Agricola and Derfel´s new banner

Agricola from the Christian Kingdom of Gwent. He´s th most "romanised" Miniature that I have from B so fits perfectly!

After some critic that the banner was too "ordinary" I added a wooden wolf head (GW Space Wolves Bit) and fur to the banner. I think it looks much more barbarian now.

24 December 2010

Mordred-and " Frohe Weihnachten"

Mordred, Arthurs Nephew. I painted him dark, he´s mostly clad in black. His shield bears Uthers Dragon. I changed the head cause I want him to wear a golden face mask.

22 December 2010

Derfels battle-banner. Musketeer Goth with LMB flag.

20 December 2010


Galahad, Lancelots Brother and Derfels best friend
And the whole bunch so far. I wanted them to look "bright", cause they´re the good ones. Mordreds men will be much darker.

19 December 2010

Derfel Cadarn

Young Derfel.I´ll do one with a facemask when my Westwind order arrives. This one is a slightly converted GB Athurian Charakte.r, I added the cloak, wolftail, beard and hair. Shield is handpainted.

13 December 2010

Arthur ap Uther

Gripping Beast´s Arthur.

11 December 2010

RCW Weekend

This weekend we meet with some friends from the south for a massive RCW encounter. Here you see Markovs and Kornilovs Officers Regiments gathering in Bylefeldsk centre. I´ll post more pics later. More pics here

1 December 2010


Two of my friends started a new miniatures company! They are producing Ratnik Steampunk and Post-Apoc in metal...so I´ll be broke soon. Visit their homepage and check the miniatures out. Masterclass painted by Prof. Witchenheimer.