4 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 7

 Another Noble for my 4-man-elite-unit. The retinue of a warlord consisted of relatives and his most able warriors as far as I know, so this one, Eckwin, is his youngest son.
I´m particular happy with the shield.

I made a desk out of plastic card. I think Saxons, livig close to the sea, liked fish

You see it´s only one new warrior instead of two in the past, but my vacation is over now. They output might decrease more when the Euro 2012 starts.


  1. very nice figure and a superb desk. how did you made the fishes?

    it's really cool :-)

  2. Hi Alex, I made the big fishes with grey stuff and the one in the middle is a metall-fish, but I can´t remember where it´s from-

    1. the best fish is the right one! :-) perhaps i can order 100 fishes? :D

  3. Looks great and the hand crafted fish is a cool touch! You should be proud of the shield as it really looks wonderful!