27 May 2016

Arthus vs. Mordred

I painted this wonderfull Vignette up for a fellow LAF member as a gift! Tomorrow it will be in the post...travelling back to the USA.

I have now started more Late Roman stuff, some scenery and light cavalry, so expect more Incursio Barbarica stuff to come!



22 May 2016

The Descent of the Teutonic Order

I want to introduce my second Project for 2016:

I am building up a 1410 Teutonic Order force for Lion Rampant. I always wanted to paint up some high or late medieval stuff, but could not decide which period exactly to do. I thought about HYW and WotR, discarded those ideas in favour for a "german" theme. And then it struck me: Why not the Teutonic Order? The iconic heraldry, the allied german Knights, all the City militias and also the polish heraldry are so cool. When I shared my thoughts with my mates Westfalia Chris promptly joined me, going for the polish-lithunian Commonwealth.
Here are the first miniatures for my army:

 First some civilians. I like Story driven games, and NPCs always add more flavour, apart from looking good on the table. Miniatures are a mix of Perry´s HYW range civilians and 1 Corps medieval camp followers.
 City militia from the City of Elbing. Perry HYW and Claymore Castings HYW (highly recommended!!)
 Knights on foot, Prussian Nobility and wealthy citizens from Brunszberg. Perry HYW Metall and Plastics with 1Corps shields.

Mounted and Dismounted Crossbowman from Slochow, a mix of Perry HYW and 1Corps.

Hope you like it!

8 May 2016

Back to the Roots!


I relaunch my diary! The collabo over at the Mountains of Lead did not work, I then thought I could live without my own blog...but I can´t!
So a lot of things happened since my last post over three years ago. I will start with my 30-Years-War-Project. I have always been interested in this conflict, and when I discovered the lovely Horcata Miniatures I was not able to resist. Coincidentally about the same time the "Donnybrook" rules came out, Skirmish rules for 1660-1760 but I was sure easily convertable to the TYW. I was right, at the Tactica Wargames Show in Hamburg I participated in a wonderfull TYW game, presented by Jürgen. He used Donnybrook without major modifications and it worked very well.
Until now I painted some troops for the (catholic) Emporer and some for the (Protestant) Danes.
Here are my troops so far:

Imperial Cuirassiers

Imperial Musketeers

  Imperial Tercio

German Mercenaries in danish pay

That´s it for the new start, hope you like it!