14 November 2009

I found this pic of a russian wooden church. I´ll try to build mine like this.

12 November 2009

9 to go...

Base still has to be done...

10 November 2009

DA Force Publique

Not the best pic, sorry. I like the Officer on the mule.

6 November 2009

Horse Change

I´ve never been happy with the Copplestone horses. So I mounted this Cossack on a (slightly) converted ACW horse. I also spent more time on the horse.

4 November 2009

Historical accuracy

I´ve been told on sd-forum that the shoulder boardrs are wrong. I painted Infantry patches, artellery is black piped red with a yellow K and crossed gun barrels. I corrected that.

Heres a link with examples of patches from koz10 (thanks mate)

RCW coloured regiments

Captions: Furazhka (wheel caps) and Shoulder Boards (top to bottom, left to right)
Alekseev – Infantry Units: Captain (1), Private First Class (2). Artillery: Lieutenant (3), Cannoneer (4). 1st Horse Regiment: Colonel (5), Junior Unter-Officer (6).
Drozdovskiy – Rifle Units: Captain (1), Lieutenant (2), Private (3), Sergeant Major (4). Artillery: Captain (5), Junior Cannoneer (6). 2nd Horse Regiment: Staff Captain (7), Senior Unter-Officer (8).
Kornilov – Infantry: Colonel (1), Captain (2), Cadet (3), Private (4). Artillery: Captain (5), Cannoneer (6).
Markov – General Major (1). Infantry: Captain (2), Staff Captain of the 1st Company, 1st Officer’s of General Markov Regiment (3), Senior Unter-Officer (4). Artillery: Colonel (5), Bombardier (6).

3 November 2009

Kornilovs get some fire power

As I can`t motivate myself to paint horses at the momment, I finished this cannon. I plan to add two more cannons and an ammunition waggon one day, to create a small battery like Imrie did with his french. I can´t decide what to do next, church or cavalry...

24 October 2009

Reds in Town!

The first two riders. I have to do a unit of twelve for our demo game at the Tactica. I have already painted three russian houses made by Pegasus. Nice and cheap these are! I´ll build a wooden church as well.

11 October 2009

Kornilv Command base

Finished my company command base. These fellas are part of the famous Kornilov Shock Regiment that fought in south Russia 1917-1920. It was one of the so-called colourful units, the "official" uniform was black or dark blue trousers, Black shirt plus a red cap. But only some higher ranks officers wore the full dress. The vast majority wore everything they could get, mainly Imperial Russian uniform items. This officer was lucky enough to get a brandnew british jacket.

10 October 2009

WIP for the Tactica

White Guard officer of the Kornilov Shock regiment. I´ll add a standard and rifleman for a command base. Hope to ge them finished this weekend..

7 October 2009

I painted the "Hilltribe Command" from Aventine miniatures. This is not the start of a new project, I painted them just because I love the figures.

5 October 2009

I´ve painted my first Machnovian Anarchist for an RCW-Game me and some mates will run on the Tactica, Germany´s best wargames show! Here´s the link tactica 2010

28 January 2009

The 1. Texas Regiment

The 1. Texas Regiment!

19 January 2009

18 January 2009

The beginning...

Hi there. I decided to start my own blog, as I like watching other wargamers blogs a lot. So I´ll show you pics of my latest works, share some ideas about the hobby etc. Currently I´m working on the Texas Brigade at Sharpsburg (or Antietam for you Yanks) for some ACW games.