3 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 6

Yesterday I had no time to paint or post anything, I´ve been out all day. But today I finished a pig pen and two pigs (no pig pen without them makes sense I guess). Orva at the gate is for scale comparism. The wattle fence is from Renedra, very good value for it´s price! The shed is scratchbuilt. May be I´ll finish some more warriors later on.


  1. It looks great and will really add to the atmosphere!


  2. I like it very much. The wood colour is just fantastic, and the detailing like the shovel is great. Looking forward to my very own "Hazel pen"(TM). :-D
    Since someone on the forums critisised it: You might want to try heating the plastic and bend it a bit. Should work just fine.


  3. Brilliant!!! I love this, awesome work.

  4. What can I say?! It looks great! And it will add much life to the battlefield - pigs were always something worth fighting for ;)
    It's nice to see the new Renedra fences in action. Keep on with the good work!