31 December 2010

Wolftail Warriors

Some warriors for Derfel´s warband. And a groupshot of the Wolftails so far. On Derfel´s right side stands Issa, ready to protect his lord.

27 December 2010

Agricola and Derfel´s new banner

Agricola from the Christian Kingdom of Gwent. He´s th most "romanised" Miniature that I have from B so fits perfectly!

After some critic that the banner was too "ordinary" I added a wooden wolf head (GW Space Wolves Bit) and fur to the banner. I think it looks much more barbarian now.

24 December 2010

Mordred-and " Frohe Weihnachten"

Mordred, Arthurs Nephew. I painted him dark, he´s mostly clad in black. His shield bears Uthers Dragon. I changed the head cause I want him to wear a golden face mask.

22 December 2010

Derfels battle-banner. Musketeer Goth with LMB flag.

20 December 2010


Galahad, Lancelots Brother and Derfels best friend
And the whole bunch so far. I wanted them to look "bright", cause they´re the good ones. Mordreds men will be much darker.

19 December 2010

Derfel Cadarn

Young Derfel.I´ll do one with a facemask when my Westwind order arrives. This one is a slightly converted GB Athurian Charakte.r, I added the cloak, wolftail, beard and hair. Shield is handpainted.

13 December 2010

Arthur ap Uther

Gripping Beast´s Arthur.

11 December 2010

RCW Weekend

This weekend we meet with some friends from the south for a massive RCW encounter. Here you see Markovs and Kornilovs Officers Regiments gathering in Bylefeldsk centre. I´ll post more pics later. More pics here

1 December 2010


Two of my friends started a new miniatures company! They are producing Ratnik Steampunk and Post-Apoc in metal...so I´ll be broke soon. Visit their homepage and check the miniatures out. Masterclass painted by Prof. Witchenheimer.

24 November 2010

Some WIP

I started building a small greek temple for our participation game at the Hamburger Tactica 2011. It´s the second attempt, the first temple went so wrong that I destroyed it and threw it away! This one looks OK to me.
And some more riders for the gothic army.

14 November 2010

Goth Bucellarii

Finally I manged to finish my first stand of Visigoths. At first I wanted to place 5 Riders on the base, but it looked too close. So only 4 Horse per base. For a Basic Impetus army I´ll have to paint 3 more bases Cavalry, 4 Bases Heavy Infantry and two Bases with Skirmishers. I don´t know if that is realisable for me. But I hope so.

8 November 2010

Today I...

..cleared up my painting desk. You don´t want to know what it looked like before. And I stored everything I need in this small boxes. I then matt varnished the Bucellarii, they´re all done now. Horses manes and tails next.

7 November 2010

Crisis aftermath

Yesterday I was at CRISIS in Antwerpen, Belgium. I spent a lot of money (possibly too much) on Gripping Beast Arthurians and Musketeer Goths. And Dallimores new Book, pure eye candy that thing!
I´m crazy about the Arthurians because I´m reading Bernard Cornwells "The Winter King" at the momment. So I converted a Arthurian heroe into Derfel, the main character in the book. He is described as wearing a green cloak and having a wolftail attached to his helmet. Because of his saxon origin he has blond hair and is bearded.

1 November 2010

Sweetwater-Forum painting swap miniature

Some members of Steve Dean´s forum painted some figures for each other, and I stole the idea for the german Sweetwater-Forum. The funny part is that you recieve a miniature, and the only advice is it has to be 28mm. So I was suprised when this grim looking Landsknecht found his way to my home. I don´t know the manufacturer but he was definatly a joy to paint and I hadn´t done anything simillar until now. For those who like to see the other results

The Goth riders are done, I painted kthem over the last week. Now I have to paint their horses..and I hate painting horses, don´t know why.

25 October 2010

Goths WIP

I didn´t paint for days cause I had to play the "CoD: Modern Warfare" split-screen campaign with my mate Erkan. Today I finished blocking in all the Base-colours, attached and finished the shields plus all the metalls. The Draco will be added later.

19 October 2010

Goth bucellarius

Finished my first gothic heavy cavalary man. Pic isn´t that good but you get an impression. I ordered two packs of the new Musketeer (now available at Gripping Beast) just because they´re beautiful. I really enjoyed painting him, the shield is a LBM transfer with some extra damage and dust added by me.

17 October 2010

The Rock

I´ve seen a lot of scenery where Rocks were made of bark. I tried it myself and I like the result. It´s more brown-grey in flesh, not blue-grey like on the pic.

8 October 2010

Avatars of War Priest

I think this is the best-looking "Sigmar" Priest also he´s not GW. I painted him for fun, no new Project. I´ll add a gw-empire-shield when I´ll get one.

4 October 2010

"Der Rattenfänger"

I was so excited the whole day to get him painted...left my work in a rush and three hours later that´s the result. I´m more and more happy with my pics, thanks to everyone who gave advices (sorry I can´t remember you all ;-)

3 October 2010

Ratcatcher WIP...scenic base

I´m very happy with the base, the first I really put some time in. Copplestones and sidewalk made of grey stuff, Newspaper of...erh..paper.

24 September 2010

Victorian scenery

Found this little statues in my local art shop. I think they´ll look quite disturbing with the right paintjob. may be in a Park of a mansion? I like them and they were very cheap.

21 September 2010

Konrad Kluftinger

Konrad is an Inspector from Bavaria, the Allgäu region to be precise. He helps his Prussian fellas in the streets of Berlin...well if I ever manage to build a steam-punk version!
That´s the hole "Kaiserliche Sondereinsatzgruppe für Okkultes und Übernatürliches (KASOK)".

14 September 2010

Baron Edelhardt von Dampfewitz

The Name is silly, I´ll think of a new one. He´s the chief of the two cops I already painted. may be I´ll call them Ballauf und Schenk. I also tried to increase the quality of my pics, using different lighting. So which do you prefer?

11 September 2010

I spent some money...

...on this stuff. Placed three orders last Sunday:
Pardulon (Germany) - crates and barrels, rigth side and undercoated - arrived Tuesday.
Skytrex - more crates, barrels, etc. on the left - arrived today
HLBS - this fantastic little steamer- also arrived today.

I´m really in love with the steamer, it´s 1/48 scale but fits perfect with this 28mm Brigade Ruskis. When I watched "Sherlock Holmes" two weeks ago I asked myself "where to get one of those dirty little steamers?" Thanks to Doc Phobos for showing the link to it on his blog ;-)

6 September 2010

Just gimme di Light

The one with the light, Sean O´Paul from Ireland.

5 September 2010


Some cover for those who need it...
Finished them. They were easy to paint, some drybrushing and washing.

Some Barrels

I started painting some barrels to bring some more life on my gaming tables. They are very nice resin castings from elladan.

4 September 2010

More Steampunk from Russia

It has been quite a while that I painted something. Today I finished two more of Ratnik Miniatures crazy Steampunk minis. I like the diver, he reminds me of the Bioshock Big Daddys. Unfortunatly I´m too stupid to get a better pic of him.

12 July 2010


I really like the stuff that is made by Ratnik Miniatures. Unfortunatly they are based in Russia and it´s not that easy to get them.