28 November 2011

SCW Character No. 4 and groupshot

The last character isn´t converted that much, I only added a whip to his right hand. He wears the uniform of the Moroccan Regulares.

All four characters together, you can see different nationalist uniforms worn durig the SCW. Left to right: Moroccan Regulares - Spanish Foreign Legion - Carlists - Falange.

26 November 2011

SCW Character 3

The miniature I´ve converted the most. I clipped off the right arm and sculpted a new one, the hair, moustache and gorillo cap are also add ons.

10 November 2011

SCW Character No.2

Second conversion, this time a faithful carlist requete. This one had a minor miscast: Where the mouth and jaw should have been there was only a hole. So I sculpted the missing parts as he was shouting ( motivating his troops for sure). He looks a bit like Jason Statham, doesn´t he?
Here you see both fellas side by side.

5 November 2011

SCW Character

OK I didn´t show any pics for quite a while. But when I saw Orctrader`s cool SCW Character I ordered 4 from Force of Arms. They are all almost finished, I did some minor conversions to represent Officers of La Legion, Carlists, Falange and Moors.
I start with the Legion:

Ignacio "El Leon" Vidal, Veteran of the Rifwar: