29 April 2012

Infinity Stuff

At the ast TACTICA I bought some nomads. I had the Haqhislam starter box for ages, but never painted the miniatures. I gave them to Tilman, two other friends went with ALEPH and Ariadna. Hopefully we´ll play Infinity as sonn as possible. The problem is: there´s a lot of terrain to be built!

23 April 2012

Arthur´s Return

My entry for Round 7. I painted some new miniatures, but there are also some older ones involved. I like the scene and the pic is OK.

22 April 2012

Hungarian Werewolf

This is my entry for Round 6. I always liked the WestWind Gothic Horror stuff, as well as the Chaos in Carpathia rules. So this is the start of my first warband. The Hungarians are WestWind Vampire Wars Hungarians, the dogs are Warlord Games and the magnificent Werewolf is from Otherworld.

8 April 2012

Gondorian Glory

This is my LPL entry for Round 5. It was a bonus-round, theme "Tolkien´s World". I decided not to use the GW-Perry-sculpts (although they´re really cool), I took Musketeer Miniatures Goths, Late Romans and Berbers plus Redoubt Mycenean tower shields.
Happy easter to all of you

1 April 2012

Respect the cock!

And tame the pussy. This is my LPL entry for Round 4. They did rather well, I won against some nicely painted future wars stuff. I´m a bit hooked on the Bronze-Age-Thing since this years TACTICA. I got a load of Foundry´s Bronze Age Europeans and made this vignette of a shaman or priest praising his gods. The totems are scratchbuilt with wire, plaster and grey stuff. I saw totems like this in a museum in Germany. A bit naughty but- I can´t deny historical facts.