28 June 2011

Perry Samurai for SW-Forum painting swap

Painted this one for Regulator. I´m very close to the deadline (01.07.), but he´s finished. At first I didn´t like the miniature, but when I started painting I was in a flash immediatly.

20 June 2011

Arthurian miniatures from different manufacturers comparism shot

There are plenty of opportunities if you want to play Arthurians. When I started my project I gave the 5 manufacturers a try listed in the pic above. Sizewise they work together very well, except the Foundry mini which is shorter and not so bulky.
A short overview:

Black Tree: The Late Romans are some of their nicest minis. They aren´t very detailed and not very well casted. But they paint up easy and look good then!

Musketeer: I loved Bill T´s sculpting style from the start. Here you can plunder the new Late Roman, the Saxons and Goth ranges. They fit my painting style, my favourites so far- the only reason I didn´t buy the Late Romans is that I ran out of money this month...

Gripping Beast: Again a vast number of useable miniatures in their programm. They´ve got all the characters from the novels, even Wolftail warriors. Their faces are great, but some poses are a bit weird.

Foundry: The smallest, most expensive in this line up - but also the most beautiful with all their crisp detail and very good poses. You can use the Late Roman range too.

Westwind: Some cool vignettes and character packs. Unfortunatly I don´t like their seperate head system, and the shields are too small for my taste. I use the musketeer ones with them.

There are other manufacturers like Artizan but I didn´t try them, I already got to much in my lead mountain. Hope that helps a bit if you´re interested in gaming this period.

19 June 2011

Druids at work

A nice little vignette from Westwind´s Arthurian Range, Pack DAS 03 "Druids making a Sacrifice". I added some putty-beards. The druid wielding the dagger is inspiered by the chariot-driving-one in "The Eagle of the Ninth". It was raining cats and dogs the whole day, so I had a lot of time to finish this piece. I painted it up for no particular reason, may be it will serve as an objektive marker.

18 June 2011

Chieftain´s Hall

I finished my Chieftain´s Hall today. It isn´t that large, but big enough for a sub-chief with 20 Warriors or so under his command. For the bedroom I´ll have to check Hasselfree for a nice girl or two (undressed).

16 June 2011

Romano-british Noble

Some news, I´m still painting some Dark Age Minis from time to time. Actually I´m infected with the Arthur-virus again (no EHEC) and building a chieftains hall with removable roof, post pics some pics of it when it´s finished. The Romano-British noble was painted this afternoon.