23 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 12

Four more archers. I dressed them a bit less fancy compared to the other warband members, because they will be the "rabble" of my force. If they could afford some proper melee equipement and flamboyant clothing they would use it I guess. Again I´m very impressed by the Musketeer Miniatures. They are definatly on the larger side, "heroic scale", but they paint up easy and the facial expression that BillT sculpted makes them so cool. Thank you Bill!
What´s next? I will drive to southern Germany (where the fearsome Suebi live) next week and visit the Prof, I´m really looking forward to meet him and all the other great fellas. I try to paint as much Germans as I can manage, 6 more Warriors and my Warlord are waiting on the workbench.  Six more archers and my 4 Pt.SAGA Warband is done.

13 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 11

The second archer, Hauke. Nothing special but I´m keeping a steady flow, that´s new to me but I like the output.

11 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 10

A quick update: I nearly finished another archer but I had to paint a little boy and some livestock. The boy, Tilman, son of Dederic, is from Gripping Beast and the livestock is from Pegasus 1:48 Farm Animals set. They are a bit tall for ancient breeds but they are cheap and look nice. I think Tilman keep them well fed.

9 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 9

The first archer for my third unit. I won´t make them 12 men strong, I just can´t push myself to paint so much inable fighters. the unit will represent skilled hunters from the Teutoburg Forrest, so 8 men will be enough. I´m also working on another piece of scenery, so stay tuned. Now I´m getting more and more excited about Germany´s match versus Portugal tonight, guess what my other hobby is! 

7 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 8

The last one of the 4-man hearthguard unit is done. Renweard, my chieftains most loyal follower. He wears a roman helm because he is a late Roman germanized with a grey-stuff beard.

And the happy bunch together. Where are the bloody romans???"

4 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 7

 Another Noble for my 4-man-elite-unit. The retinue of a warlord consisted of relatives and his most able warriors as far as I know, so this one, Eckwin, is his youngest son.
I´m particular happy with the shield.

I made a desk out of plastic card. I think Saxons, livig close to the sea, liked fish

You see it´s only one new warrior instead of two in the past, but my vacation is over now. They output might decrease more when the Euro 2012 starts.

3 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 6

Yesterday I had no time to paint or post anything, I´ve been out all day. But today I finished a pig pen and two pigs (no pig pen without them makes sense I guess). Orva at the gate is for scale comparism. The wattle fence is from Renedra, very good value for it´s price! The shed is scratchbuilt. May be I´ll finish some more warriors later on.

1 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 5

The last missing warrior for the warband is done. It´s Alger, the one with the striped shirt. The other one, Torth, was painted by Mad Doc Morris and based by me.
The first unit is done. Two more armoured Heathguard are currently on my table plus my Warchief´s command base, plus a pig-pen for my village. More pics tomorrow.