1 January 2013

A happy New Year (2013 preview - 2012 review)

I hope all of you had a nice party yesterday and a good start into 2013. Again Christopher inspiered me to write this post.
The review of my plans for 2012 is quickly done. The only project I´ve finished was the Trojan Project with Tilman, which I really enjoyed. But I didn´t paint any Future Wars or Fantasy stuff as I planned one year ago. Instead I did some various miniatures for the Lead Painters League, but I didn´t perform well.
BUT then I was hit by the Musketeer Miniatures gorgeous Germans, and started painting Germans for the Migration period. I painted a lot of them, a 4 pt. SAGA army and almost a Dux Britanniarum Starter force, plus some terrain. I really stayed focused (OK but bought a lot of other stuff for my Lead Mountain) on this, to my own suprise. Plus the 40mm Perry stuff I frequently painted.

Do I have plans for 2013? 

Hell yeah!
40mm Nappies: I will finish my french and spanish guerilla , the deadline is end of February. I really enjoy painting this scale at the momment, and would like to paint up some 8 or so British Light Infantry And/or 95th Rifles as opponents for the french. But it´s possible that I get tired when the TACTICA is over.

Incursio Barbarica:On Top of the list. Paint the remaining Germans and a Late Roman force, really lookig forward to this! Plus a gaming matt and more scenery, more civilians. Play Dux Brit. with Tilman then.

That´s what I will do for sure.

Other ideas (at the momment):
Russo-Japanese War with Tsuba´s excellent miniatures.
Something in 15mm with Tilman, most possibly FoW.
40k Eldar (no GW bashing please ;-) )

Let´s see how long this ideas will last...