30 October 2012

Incursio Barbarica 23: 2nd Big Man

 The second Big Man, from Musketter´s Hengist&Horsa pack. Orvin, Haethelmar´s best friend. The shield nearly drove me insane, I repainted it four (!) times. It ended up like this, I´m not that happy but hey-it´s only a shield.
Here you see the whole bunch ganged up. Champion, Warlord (with Dog and Standard) and two big men. Now I´ve to finish the rest of the warriors and my Dux Brittianarum warband is complete.

29 October 2012

Incursio Barbarica 22: Little farm

I didn´t paint for ages, but this weekend I finally managed to get my farm done. Dwellings are Gripping Beast, the wattle fence is Renedra and the rest is built from scratch. I did this for my germans, but I will look the part from the bronze age until medieval times I guess. 

3 October 2012

Incursio Barbarica 21: Barbarian Standard Bearer

Yesterday I finished my Big Man´s standard bearer. Inspired, again, by the Warlord Chronicles I sculpted a bull´s skull as a banner top. A little bit "fantasy-style", but it looks convincingly savage to me. He´s also dressed in black, Beorwald gave one of his older shirts to his loyal follower. You can see the different base sizes, 30mm to 25mm to distinguish the big men from the lesser mortals.