31 December 2012

More 40mm stuff for Tactica 2013

TACTICA gets closer so I painted only 40mm stuff over X-Mas.  I will run a participation game (I already told you didn´t I?) with my mate Björn, and there are 11 Minis left on my Workbench, and two month to go. But I´ve always performed well under pressure so I don´t worry. First a french Arti NCO, one of the latest addition for Perry-Miniatures Peninsular range, made of finecast (has to be finecast cause the prize rose from 3,50 to 4,50 GBP). But it´s a damn fine sculpt. He commands the 4 man crew of the gun you see below, I will mount them on a large multibase with the gun. The cannon will be our objective in the game.

And another guerrillero, a conversion of a french Voltigeur this time because the Perrys only have 3 different ones in their range.

 Last but not least a quick shot of the NCO (can anyone please explain to me in which way a Non-Commissioned-Officer differs from an Officer?) with a House I built 4 years ago for my 28mm SCW collection. Suits well I think.

I wish all of you a nice party tonight, "Guten Rutsch", and a happy new year.


  1. Great job ! Congratulations and happy new year ;)

  2. Stunning paintjob !

    Happy New Year !

    Best regards Michael

  3. Wether my period nor my scale but you did an absolutely stunning paintjob on 'em. Will be glad sseing 'em on Tactica. If it's Finecast is it full of bubbles and holes too? :-)

  4. Very nice work on all of it and the colour on the gun carriage is really working!


  5. Cor, absolutely love that guerilla!


  6. Very nice work Jan.