26 March 2012

40 mm Frenchies

Some 40 mm French, my first approach in this scale. I really liked painting them, and the miniatures work well with my 28mm SCW terrain (well some houses are a bit big for 28 anyway). I´ll use them for a secret project, so don´t ask!

18 March 2012


After I painted 50 miniatures and a gaming table for the Tactica in 2 months I went straight over to participate in the 6th Lead Painters Lead. Round one was a bonus round, "Old Metal", bonus for pre-1990 miniatures. As I´m born 1981 I had no old metal but a friend of mine gently sold me this gritty SkavenThey got hammerde, cause my opponent had a very cool Blood Bowl team. So I´m not sad at all!

Round 2 saw some of Aeneas´Sea People Mercenaries. They won against some nicely painted Chaos Knights.
I´m still paintig for the LPL, I need 10 teams in total. Round 5 (World of Tolkien) and 10 (Anything Naval) are bonus rounds too, so i´ll hopefully be able to show you some cool stuff.