25 October 2010

Goths WIP

I didn´t paint for days cause I had to play the "CoD: Modern Warfare" split-screen campaign with my mate Erkan. Today I finished blocking in all the Base-colours, attached and finished the shields plus all the metalls. The Draco will be added later.

19 October 2010

Goth bucellarius

Finished my first gothic heavy cavalary man. Pic isn´t that good but you get an impression. I ordered two packs of the new Musketeer (now available at Gripping Beast) just because they´re beautiful. I really enjoyed painting him, the shield is a LBM transfer with some extra damage and dust added by me.

17 October 2010

The Rock

I´ve seen a lot of scenery where Rocks were made of bark. I tried it myself and I like the result. It´s more brown-grey in flesh, not blue-grey like on the pic.

8 October 2010

Avatars of War Priest

I think this is the best-looking "Sigmar" Priest also he´s not GW. I painted him for fun, no new Project. I´ll add a gw-empire-shield when I´ll get one.

4 October 2010

"Der Rattenfänger"

I was so excited the whole day to get him painted...left my work in a rush and three hours later that´s the result. I´m more and more happy with my pics, thanks to everyone who gave advices (sorry I can´t remember you all ;-)

3 October 2010

Ratcatcher WIP...scenic base

I´m very happy with the base, the first I really put some time in. Copplestones and sidewalk made of grey stuff, Newspaper of...erh..paper.