14 November 2009

I found this pic of a russian wooden church. I´ll try to build mine like this.

12 November 2009

9 to go...

Base still has to be done...

10 November 2009

DA Force Publique

Not the best pic, sorry. I like the Officer on the mule.

6 November 2009

Horse Change

I´ve never been happy with the Copplestone horses. So I mounted this Cossack on a (slightly) converted ACW horse. I also spent more time on the horse.

4 November 2009

Historical accuracy

I´ve been told on sd-forum that the shoulder boardrs are wrong. I painted Infantry patches, artellery is black piped red with a yellow K and crossed gun barrels. I corrected that.

Heres a link with examples of patches from koz10 (thanks mate)

RCW coloured regiments

Captions: Furazhka (wheel caps) and Shoulder Boards (top to bottom, left to right)
Alekseev – Infantry Units: Captain (1), Private First Class (2). Artillery: Lieutenant (3), Cannoneer (4). 1st Horse Regiment: Colonel (5), Junior Unter-Officer (6).
Drozdovskiy – Rifle Units: Captain (1), Lieutenant (2), Private (3), Sergeant Major (4). Artillery: Captain (5), Junior Cannoneer (6). 2nd Horse Regiment: Staff Captain (7), Senior Unter-Officer (8).
Kornilov – Infantry: Colonel (1), Captain (2), Cadet (3), Private (4). Artillery: Captain (5), Cannoneer (6).
Markov – General Major (1). Infantry: Captain (2), Staff Captain of the 1st Company, 1st Officer’s of General Markov Regiment (3), Senior Unter-Officer (4). Artillery: Colonel (5), Bombardier (6).

3 November 2009

Kornilovs get some fire power

As I can`t motivate myself to paint horses at the momment, I finished this cannon. I plan to add two more cannons and an ammunition waggon one day, to create a small battery like Imrie did with his french. I can´t decide what to do next, church or cavalry...