24 September 2010

Victorian scenery

Found this little statues in my local art shop. I think they´ll look quite disturbing with the right paintjob. may be in a Park of a mansion? I like them and they were very cheap.

21 September 2010

Konrad Kluftinger

Konrad is an Inspector from Bavaria, the Allgäu region to be precise. He helps his Prussian fellas in the streets of Berlin...well if I ever manage to build a steam-punk version!
That´s the hole "Kaiserliche Sondereinsatzgruppe für Okkultes und Übernatürliches (KASOK)".

14 September 2010

Baron Edelhardt von Dampfewitz

The Name is silly, I´ll think of a new one. He´s the chief of the two cops I already painted. may be I´ll call them Ballauf und Schenk. I also tried to increase the quality of my pics, using different lighting. So which do you prefer?

11 September 2010

I spent some money...

...on this stuff. Placed three orders last Sunday:
Pardulon (Germany) - crates and barrels, rigth side and undercoated - arrived Tuesday.
Skytrex - more crates, barrels, etc. on the left - arrived today
HLBS - this fantastic little steamer- also arrived today.

I´m really in love with the steamer, it´s 1/48 scale but fits perfect with this 28mm Brigade Ruskis. When I watched "Sherlock Holmes" two weeks ago I asked myself "where to get one of those dirty little steamers?" Thanks to Doc Phobos for showing the link to it on his blog ;-)

6 September 2010

Just gimme di Light

The one with the light, Sean O´Paul from Ireland.

5 September 2010


Some cover for those who need it...
Finished them. They were easy to paint, some drybrushing and washing.

Some Barrels

I started painting some barrels to bring some more life on my gaming tables. They are very nice resin castings from elladan.

4 September 2010

More Steampunk from Russia

It has been quite a while that I painted something. Today I finished two more of Ratnik Miniatures crazy Steampunk minis. I like the diver, he reminds me of the Bioshock Big Daddys. Unfortunatly I´m too stupid to get a better pic of him.