30 December 2011

2011 review - 2012 preview

Again I´m just copying Christophers ideas.
So what did I achieve in 2011?

That was the plan:

Jason and the Argonauts for the Tactica 2011
100% complete. I built the terrain, painted some scelettons and varnished and based all the miniatures Tilman painted. The whole set up looked cool at the end and most people enjoyed gaming with us at the TACTICA.

The Warlord Chronicles

60% done. I need some more rank-and-file warriors and some more buildings.


Only a few miniatures painted. Not good.


See above.

Well my output was a bit low last year. I painted some Dark Age Games Miniatures, 40mm Nappies and even some 40k stuff, but I think I´ll save the pics for the ext Lead Painters League.

For 2012...

...I will paint and game more. I hope. Real life can be very time consuming.

But there are already some plans (which may change during 2012).

Troyans - again I´ll have to paint miniatures and build terrain for the TACTICA 2012. I´ll run a game together with Tilman of "Conquering the Lead Mountain". Deadline: End of February.

Future Wars - a friend of mine will build me a FW board, so my Post-Apoc miniatures might get some paint o.

Fantasy Stuff- something "WH-like" but with Lead Adventure Miniatures. Also terrain.

And I would like to paint some samurais, Late medieval stuff, some more SCW...I´ll see.

Happy new year to all of you



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  1. I would say you managed pretty good on your planned projects. It's very hard and quite unusual to hit the mark on everything!
    Looking forward to seeing your projects and good luck on both your Tactica project and Lead Painters League painting competition!