25 September 2011

BeST 2011 (gaming session in Berlin)

Some impressions of the Games:
Seven Samurai Game (Wasa´s own Rules)
Post-Apocalyptic Setting (Level 2)
Conan Game (Broadsword Adventures)
Brasilian Special Forces (BOPE) vs. Drug Dealers (Force on Force)
Cartago vs. Rome (Field of Glory)
British vs. Mahdists (Sharpe´s Practice)
As always I was too lazy taking more and/or better pics. There were some more games, 11 in total.
I played three games on Saturday: Force-on-Force, Malifaux and Gruntz 15mm. All this rulesets were new to me, but I liked them all.
There will be more (better pics) from other players in the net soon, I´ll post a link then.


  1. Great you played FoF - now you are already more advanced than me with the rules. Fancy to master our introductory game then? ;-)

    Wished I could have been there, but a one-day show sounds a bit stressful, too.


  2. No Tilman, the honour to master the game belongs to you my friend! The trip was stressful indeed. On Friday it took us 7 hours to reach Berlin, and I was back in Bielefeld at 6 h this morning. But it was worth the effort!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing some nice pictures!

    Best regards Dalauppror

  4. Very annoyed I couldn't be there!Looks like fun.

    Thank you for the photos, Lt! Hopefully my compatriots didn't make full of themselves! ;)