1 January 2013

A happy New Year (2013 preview - 2012 review)

I hope all of you had a nice party yesterday and a good start into 2013. Again Christopher inspiered me to write this post.
The review of my plans for 2012 is quickly done. The only project I´ve finished was the Trojan Project with Tilman, which I really enjoyed. But I didn´t paint any Future Wars or Fantasy stuff as I planned one year ago. Instead I did some various miniatures for the Lead Painters League, but I didn´t perform well.
BUT then I was hit by the Musketeer Miniatures gorgeous Germans, and started painting Germans for the Migration period. I painted a lot of them, a 4 pt. SAGA army and almost a Dux Britanniarum Starter force, plus some terrain. I really stayed focused (OK but bought a lot of other stuff for my Lead Mountain) on this, to my own suprise. Plus the 40mm Perry stuff I frequently painted.

Do I have plans for 2013? 

Hell yeah!
40mm Nappies: I will finish my french and spanish guerilla , the deadline is end of February. I really enjoy painting this scale at the momment, and would like to paint up some 8 or so British Light Infantry And/or 95th Rifles as opponents for the french. But it´s possible that I get tired when the TACTICA is over.

Incursio Barbarica:On Top of the list. Paint the remaining Germans and a Late Roman force, really lookig forward to this! Plus a gaming matt and more scenery, more civilians. Play Dux Brit. with Tilman then.

That´s what I will do for sure.

Other ideas (at the momment):
Russo-Japanese War with Tsuba´s excellent miniatures.
Something in 15mm with Tilman, most possibly FoW.
40k Eldar (no GW bashing please ;-) )

Let´s see how long this ideas will last...





  1. At least your plans are far more reasonable then mine Jan!

    I really enjoyed your Roman/Germanic series and can't wait to see the rest!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year Jan.

    Good luck with your projects for 2013. I certainly like your 40 mm Napoleonics.



  3. Thanks Helen and Christopher!

  4. will keep an eye on your 40mm stuff they are very nice figures hope you fulfil all your 2013 plans
    Peace James

  5. Happy New Year !

    I'm especially interested by your Russo-Japanese project. :)


  6. Happy New Year!Eagerly looking for some new cracking stuff from you in 2013.

  7. But wait, what's up for Tactica 2014? ;-)
    Looking forward to our joint ventures.