8 May 2016

Back to the Roots!


I relaunch my diary! The collabo over at the Mountains of Lead did not work, I then thought I could live without my own blog...but I can´t!
So a lot of things happened since my last post over three years ago. I will start with my 30-Years-War-Project. I have always been interested in this conflict, and when I discovered the lovely Horcata Miniatures I was not able to resist. Coincidentally about the same time the "Donnybrook" rules came out, Skirmish rules for 1660-1760 but I was sure easily convertable to the TYW. I was right, at the Tactica Wargames Show in Hamburg I participated in a wonderfull TYW game, presented by Jürgen. He used Donnybrook without major modifications and it worked very well.
Until now I painted some troops for the (catholic) Emporer and some for the (Protestant) Danes.
Here are my troops so far:

Imperial Cuirassiers

Imperial Musketeers

  Imperial Tercio

German Mercenaries in danish pay

That´s it for the new start, hope you like it!


  1. Beautiful figures and gorgeous pictures, wonderful job!!

  2. Cool figures! With return to the blog 8)

  3. Excellent painting and basing!

  4. Fantastic any chance of more images these are very inspiring.