15 January 2011

A usefull thing...

...this paint rack! It´s from Miniaturicum and holds 96 bottles...quite enough for me!

Didn´t post for a while, I´m waiting for a GB/Musketeer order to arrive, I´ll then bring Derfels Wolftaild to full strength and add some civilians to my DA project.
Meanwhile I painted some
Lead Adventure Miniatures , but they went south with Alex so he can take some pics for his gallery.
And I sculpted a bust, roughly 40mm:


  1. I got two of the racks - really handsome! And quite nice bust, Jan. Is that you? :D

  2. No, thank god I´m not looking like Costa Cordalis ;-)
    And I stopped smoking. The racks are superb, aren´t they?

  3. I wish I had space on the table for those racks! They are absolutely great.

    The bust is awesome. You sure are rather prolific lately, aren't you?