15 January 2011

Sweetwaterforum Miniatures Swap Miniature

Today I painted this Miniature for another member of the Sweetwaterforum. You can see pics of the swap here.
It´s a Privateer Press Hordes Miniature, "Dr. Arkadius to be precise. I painted him to a high standard, I´m very satisfied with the result, but my poor photographing skills don´t show it too well :-(


  1. Brilliant paintjob. As asked elsewhere I'd love to hear some tips about the weathering of the coat.

  2. He looks really nice and the weathering really came through!


  3. Thanks fellas!
    OK make sometihng look dirty..
    The easy way: Drybrush or stipple some VMC Burnt Umber on the model.
    Better is: Put clear water to the areas you want dirty. Then paint some Devlan Mud (or any other brown ink) in. I don´t know why, but the result is better this way and you´ve got more controll over the wash, can move it around with the brush. When it´s dry drybrush or stipple some VMC Burnt Umber+Black on the model, repeat this with pure Burnt Umber. That´s it.