4 January 2011

2011...my new year resolutions

So everybody did it (Tilman, Chris, Dimitri) and now I do it too. Last year was a bit stressful because of my new job and some private reasons. But now it´s 2011 and everything will get better!

There are some projects that I´m interested in:

Jason and the Argonauts for the Tactica 2011

That´s a participation game I´ll run together with Tilman, Maik and Christian. I have to built 4 60x60 Boards, the frames are made but I have still some work to do. Deadline is end of February..

The Warlord Chronicles

I´m totally hooked by Cornwells "Warlord Chronicles". I did some miniatures and will paint some more for sure. As a joined venture with Dimitri and Christian we´ll also build a small Dark Age village. I´ll have to paint up 30+ Miniatures for this project.


Two of my friends started their own miniature company Lead Adventure Miniatures
They produce the fancy Ratnik miniatures from Russia in lead. I already painted some of the Steampunk miniatures, and I would like to build a small but nice board.


Again the LAM fellas produce the Ratnik Post-Ap minis. Grimm and Alex already built a board, so I only have to paint a dozen or so miniatures.

I don´t think I can manage this all, and a lot of new and exciting things wil appear on the market..there are ebobs ´Nam range, 40mm Perry Naps etc.
We´ll see.


  1. Good luck this year. I'm sure it will be a good year for you. The list seems really cool. Will enjoy seeing them as they are photographed. The Warlords look great.

    Take acre,


  2. Seconded, good luck!
    I'm missing the Goths for Basic Impetus - did you rule them out already?
    However, if your painting continues at current speed, I'd be very interested in joining the Dark Age skirmishes.


  3. I think the list you made is very reasonable one and far more realistic then my monster one.I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely painted miniatures.Perhaps I will take you up on the SCW offer if I can get around to painting some.


  4. Oops the Goths. No not really. I have the cavalry almost done on my table. Add them to the list please!! Tilman, it would be nice if you join our DA project. Did you see how Aeneas painting skills increased? With us four there will be some eye-candy on the table!
    Your 40k without GW Inquisition sounds intresting, too.
    Chris, I´ve got some anarchists in my lead mountain. If you want you can have them. Otherwise they´ll never get painted I fear.

  5. Good luck for your resolutions! I am very much looking forward to the Greek table at the tactica. Might bring some Ouzo along! :)

    The Nam miniatures by ebob are a serious danger to my resolutions as well! They are beauties!

    Tilman, joining the skirmishes would be cool. I have the feeling the Dark Age chaps are painted swiftly, so with my finger mending, I hope to pick up speed soon.