4 September 2010

More Steampunk from Russia

It has been quite a while that I painted something. Today I finished two more of Ratnik Miniatures crazy Steampunk minis. I like the diver, he reminds me of the Bioshock Big Daddys. Unfortunatly I´m too stupid to get a better pic of him.


  1. Hey Lt.! I am so glad to see more of your miniatures. I see VSF/Steampunk has gripped you. :D

    Great work with these. I really like your black highlighting on the top one.. Minimalistic and effective.

    Out of curiosity... how do you varnish your miniatures?

  2. Hi Dimi,
    I use Humbrol gloss 35 and than Rustin´s Matt varnish for this very matt finish. Rustin´s is a little bit tricky to use, but the results are worth it. You can order it from Miniaturicum.

  3. Ah, yes... I remember Rustin's. Too fussy for my taste. But great results on the miniatures.

    I am using Daler Rowney Matt Varnish with similar results, but since my Russian sailor I feels it's been rubbing off quite easily... It's a bit annoying.

    Thanks for your reply, Jan. :)

  4. I love the miniatures and your paint job!