14 September 2010

Baron Edelhardt von Dampfewitz

The Name is silly, I´ll think of a new one. He´s the chief of the two cops I already painted. may be I´ll call them Ballauf und Schenk. I also tried to increase the quality of my pics, using different lighting. So which do you prefer?


  1. The pic with better contrast. The reason that the top pic looks so washed out is that there's too much light hitting your lens, causing flare. The flare is even across the lens so isn't obvious, except for the extremely reduced contrast.
    I bet your white background is much smaller in the second picture.

  2. Nice miniature, Jan! Love that face. And I kinda like the name. :)

    For me it is a difficult question to answer. In my eyes, the slightly filtered style of photography is very much connected to your painting style. Somehow it fits your style and it makes your painting instantly recognisable. From a technical point of view, the second one is obviously better. Still... not much detail is lost in the first.