11 September 2010

I spent some money...

...on this stuff. Placed three orders last Sunday:
Pardulon (Germany) - crates and barrels, rigth side and undercoated - arrived Tuesday.
Skytrex - more crates, barrels, etc. on the left - arrived today
HLBS - this fantastic little steamer- also arrived today.

I´m really in love with the steamer, it´s 1/48 scale but fits perfect with this 28mm Brigade Ruskis. When I watched "Sherlock Holmes" two weeks ago I asked myself "where to get one of those dirty little steamers?" Thanks to Doc Phobos for showing the link to it on his blog ;-)

1 comment:

  1. It's arrived already?? Wow! That was fast.

    So, you like the Tugboat. It definitely looks amazing. Seems to be a nice clean cast. I think I need this for my Sailors as well. It would be exactly right.

    Thanks for pointing me towards Skytrex. Never heard of them before.