8 May 2016

Back to the Roots!


I relaunch my diary! The collabo over at the Mountains of Lead did not work, I then thought I could live without my own blog...but I can´t!
So a lot of things happened since my last post over three years ago. I will start with my 30-Years-War-Project. I have always been interested in this conflict, and when I discovered the lovely Horcata Miniatures I was not able to resist. Coincidentally about the same time the "Donnybrook" rules came out, Skirmish rules for 1660-1760 but I was sure easily convertable to the TYW. I was right, at the Tactica Wargames Show in Hamburg I participated in a wonderfull TYW game, presented by Jürgen. He used Donnybrook without major modifications and it worked very well.
Until now I painted some troops for the (catholic) Emporer and some for the (Protestant) Danes.
Here are my troops so far:

Imperial Cuirassiers

Imperial Musketeers

  Imperial Tercio

German Mercenaries in danish pay

That´s it for the new start, hope you like it!


  1. Beautiful figures and gorgeous pictures, wonderful job!!

  2. Cool figures! With return to the blog 8)

  3. Excellent painting and basing!