28 May 2012

New Projct: Migration Period

OK with over 100 followers (HOOOOORRAAAAYYYY) it´s time to start a serious project!

As I´m getting older and wiser and I realized that I´m not the painting-large-armies-type of wargamer. So I´ll concentrate on skirmish projects with a more heroic, story telling approach.

 I always loved the Late Roman/ Early Byzantine period, seeing the decline of Western Rome´s power and the raise of the German tribes, they of course only fleeing from the Huns pressing in from the east. So here are some great opportunities to build some small german or hun raiding partys and roman patrols to stop them looting.
My german tribe of choice are Saxons. I live in a city near the Teutoburg Forrest, an area where, in ancient times, the Cherusci slaughtered Varus´ legions, and the Cherusci later became Saxons when the allied with other tribes. So here the first ones, Witold and his younger brother Erkmar. 

Both are from Musketeer Miniatures Gothic/German Tribes range. The fellas at Gripping Beast (they owe MM now) were so kind to make a deal for me including all 18 different warriors on foot they offer, so no doubles in my warband. I armed both with a Sax, a long knife most of the part-time warriors used - swords where a bit pricey, and they have to kill some Romans first to get better weapons and some armour.
More to follow soon...


  1. Very nicely done and I like the period as well. I'm looking forward to TFL releasing their dark age rule set soon.


  2. i like the sculptures from musketeer miniatures. they are all very fine to paint!

  3. Very nicely painted minis !!!

    Best regards Michael