5 May 2012

My 100th post

Wow, 100 posts. I´m quite busy actually, painted a lot for the LPL. And I bought this Faller Waterfall, added a base and some watereffects. I think it turned out very well. 

And last weekend Tilman from Conquering the Lead Mountain was here, and did very well as my personal painting slave...he did this gorgeous Dark Age miniatures for me. Look at the freehand shield design! He´s guilty for my newly awakened Dark Age Germans fever, primed and based 20 or so right after he left. And ordered some Musketeer Late Romans, because they´ll need some opponents.
 So more to come the next weeks.


  1. Great looking waterfall and lovey dark age Germans.

  2. Though the warrior isn't my favourite paintjob from our session (the least being Nimue ;-) ) it was great fun to visit your cave. I'm also relieved that the water effect cleared at last.

    Until next time

  3. No, the best paintjob is definately Merlin!