24 November 2010

Some WIP

I started building a small greek temple for our participation game at the Hamburger Tactica 2011. It´s the second attempt, the first temple went so wrong that I destroyed it and threw it away! This one looks OK to me.
And some more riders for the gothic army.


  1. Hey Jan, if you need help with theoretical knowledge on Greek temples, let me know. I did write my Ph.D. on the subject. :)

    If you want a little temple, maybe you could google the old Tholos in Delphi (for a round building) or some of the Treasuries of Delphi (for a variety of building types). Personally I would go for a tetrastyle or hexastyle prostyle Temple. Just make sure that a Doric column has no base while an Ionian does. And I wouldn't recommend Corinthian columns. The Greeks never used them for the façades of Temples.

    The new Goths looks cool. How about a bigger picture though?



  2. It looks like the temple is coming along and same with the Goths.Pics of course when finished please.


  3. Hi Jan, nice Mini in front of the temple...;-)