7 November 2010

Crisis aftermath

Yesterday I was at CRISIS in Antwerpen, Belgium. I spent a lot of money (possibly too much) on Gripping Beast Arthurians and Musketeer Goths. And Dallimores new Book, pure eye candy that thing!
I´m crazy about the Arthurians because I´m reading Bernard Cornwells "The Winter King" at the momment. So I converted a Arthurian heroe into Derfel, the main character in the book. He is described as wearing a green cloak and having a wolftail attached to his helmet. Because of his saxon origin he has blond hair and is bearded.


  1. Actually, there's a dedicated Derfel figure in GB's Arthurian range me thinks. ;-)
    And hopefully he's of use with your Saxons.

    However, as long as you stay on target - go on!


  2. Hey, one can never spend too much money at the GB stand! :)

    Aren't you tired by the way? I feel like a zombie today... How you found the inner strength to sculpt this is a mystery to me. Looks great though!

  3. I forgot to mention that´s I´m really happy to meet you there Dimi! I also spoke to Bil from Musketeer, and he told me about some further plans.
    Tilman, it´s possible that one of the miniatures in the Characterpack shoud be Derfel,but I´ve got my own picture of him in my mind! So I did my own. And I bought enough Goths for three more cavalry stands... so stay tuned!
    Dimi, I tested the so-called "super-shade". May be it´s my fault, but I think it´s rubbish.

  4. I've checked the GB packs before and I quite like what I reckon is supposed to be Derfel. The one with the visored helmet.

    I am still testing it as well, Jan. I think the light brown might have some potential as a last step that brings all the layers together. The dark one is too reddish. Other than that they flow quite well.

    So what did Bill say? Didn't see him yesterday although I was looking out for him. I know he has the Infantry in Greatcoats and Artillery crew ready to go...

  5. He´s wearing a visored helmet. So you can´t see the face. No wolftail. Could even be my grandma! And there is only ONE Derfel, and he´s sitting on my workbench ;-)

  6. I'm quite the fan of Mr. Cornwell myself and the Arthur series is my favourite as well.As soon as Bill from Musketeer does some Romano British then I'll jump in start making my own Arthur/Derfel army as GB are not bad,I just think Bill's will be better if his Saxon's are anything to go by!

    Nice conversion btw.:-)