25 July 2012

Incursio Barbarica 16: 4 Pt. SAGA Warband finished!

I finally made it! The last 6 levies are done. I mixed 4 slingers in my ranged combat unit, because bows and slings have equal range. I´m a bit proud that I finished my warband in two month, that´s 33 miniatures - in full colour! Ok, some were painted earlier but the vast majority of miniatures got their paint on the last two month. All human minis are Musketeer, mostly Goths with some Saxons and Late Romans mixed in. One WestWind Arthurian head was used and a Warlord Games Dog.
I´ll use the Viking list for them, I think the aggressivnes fits very well for my Saxons. Haethelmar is accompanied by his 4 Bucellari (Point 1), two units of 8 warriors each (Point 2 and 3) and 12 levy with bows and slings (Point 4). We´ll see how they will prove themselves on the field of glory.
I ordered Dux Britaniarum and I´m very excited how they´ll turn out. I will paint up some more Warriors and some big men for DB later.
Now it´s enough Germans for the momment I think, on to my 40mm Nappies and some Russo-Japanese War minis. 


  1. Lovely SAGA warband !!!

    You might want to paint some more to be able to alter the Archer levy as they are quite hard to get god use for in a 4 point warband...never enough SAGA dice around...

    Best regards Michael

  2. Wow! Wonderful looking warband!


  3. Now this is what I call a great painted warband!

  4. Very inspiring! Especially as I started painting my own Viking warband a few days ago. ;-)

  5. oh, this is a very nice army-band! and really nice painted! the shields are lmb-banners or selfpainted?

  6. These look great. More close up pics please :)

  7. The group shot is excellent! Great suff :)

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments! Malkav, Vikings are a good choice, they´re fast and agressive!
    Alex, the shields are all freehands, but some are inspired by the LBM ones.
    Bill, may be some close ups with scenery will bring them on your website ;-)

  9. It would be a pleasure to have them :)

  10. awesome.) very inspiring work/
    i started my own saga warband a couple of days ago - http://solovievblog.blogspot.com/