23 June 2012

Incursio Barbarica 12

Four more archers. I dressed them a bit less fancy compared to the other warband members, because they will be the "rabble" of my force. If they could afford some proper melee equipement and flamboyant clothing they would use it I guess. Again I´m very impressed by the Musketeer Miniatures. They are definatly on the larger side, "heroic scale", but they paint up easy and the facial expression that BillT sculpted makes them so cool. Thank you Bill!
What´s next? I will drive to southern Germany (where the fearsome Suebi live) next week and visit the Prof, I´m really looking forward to meet him and all the other great fellas. I try to paint as much Germans as I can manage, 6 more Warriors and my Warlord are waiting on the workbench.  Six more archers and my 4 Pt.SAGA Warband is done.