5 November 2011

SCW Character

OK I didn´t show any pics for quite a while. But when I saw Orctrader`s cool SCW Character I ordered 4 from Force of Arms. They are all almost finished, I did some minor conversions to represent Officers of La Legion, Carlists, Falange and Moors.
I start with the Legion:

Ignacio "El Leon" Vidal, Veteran of the Rifwar:


  1. Wonderful painting and great expression on the face!


  2. Muy bien, compadre! Soy encantado!

    Very nice colours, which you should share with us as soon as you can! :) I can see this guy also becoming an RCW figure... I wouldn't really mind the rolled up sleeves.

    What else does the company have at the moment besides this guy?

  3. Thanks guys! FoA´s SCW Range is as big as Empress (former Anglian) Range, but old sculpts. They are renewing the range at the moment. This guy is cast in resin, not officially listed. And he comes shaved with a Fez, I sculpted the beard and the gorillo.
    The colours are:
    Trousers: Black+Olive Drab (Coat d´Arms)- Olive Drab + Olive Drab+ Dark Sand (Vallejo)
    Shirt: Black+Grey-Green (Vallejo)- Grey green - Grey Green+Bonewhite
    Hope that helps!

  4. Great job too ! Very goodl painting and great expression on the face!