13 December 2010

Arthur ap Uther

Gripping Beast´s Arthur.


  1. Very atmospheric and lovely painting!!


  2. Brilliant work, Jan! The shield is an absolute stunner. Is it part transfer, part freehand or freehand all the way? And how are you getting this worn mud effect... That is spectacular!

    I see you are getting into the Arthurian mood already! :) I guess I'll have to re-read the Cornwell novels to see if I could find a side I'd like to collect. :)

  3. thanks fellas. The shield is a freehand job, no decals. For the mud effect I "water" the shield and than apply Devlan Mud wash. You´ve got more controll this way. Than stipple on some mud (Burnt Umber) with a blister pack sponge. Read the Cornwell stuff you won´t be dissapointed. And then we´ll wait for BillT´s stuff...

  4. Oh, "watering" the shield is a really clever way of doing it. Very effective. The freehand is absolutely stunning mate.

    I have read the trilogy already once, but I cannot remember the shield blazons of the different factions. Obviously I remember Derfel's.

    I think I might be up for some early Saxons... I will wait though till I see the Arthurian stuff by Bill T... Might be even better looking that his Saxons. Or maybe they could be combined to something cool.