6 May 2010

Aegyptian Wargod!

I painted this extremly nice modell as a hero for a Songs of Blades and Heroes Catfolk gang. He´s a Basti Harbinger from Crocodile Games Wargods of Aegyptus range. Nice figs. Painted him a while ago, but didn´t take a pic.


  1. He looks very nice.Really great work on the flesh tones.


  2. Great work! It seems to me that you have a thing for that skin colour. Isn't it the same you've used for your camo? :)

  3. Thanks! The colour I´ve used for the camo is greener, but a similarly one. For the flesh I use the same colours as for my bases: Terra, Desert Yellow and light Sand.

  4. Well, it is just brilliant. I really like how you highlight. You always leave a nice amount of darker colour visible, which makes the highlights very dramatic. I usually get carried away and my highlights become rather weak, I find.