24 October 2009

Reds in Town!

The first two riders. I have to do a unit of twelve for our demo game at the Tactica. I have already painted three russian houses made by Pegasus. Nice and cheap these are! I´ll build a wooden church as well.


  1. Fantastic...please take more images when your unit is done. Looking forward to seeing the church!

  2. I´ll do for sure! I can´t leave comments on your blog (don´t no why), but your work really inspires me! Got me some grey spray today and glued some ACW Dixies together...and I´ll copy the way you base your command as well ;-)

  3. I've said it before, I'll say it again; As beautiful as a crisp, sunny morning at the Volga! ;)

    Brilliant work as usual, lieutenant.I am also looking forward to the church. Your Spanish buildings were a huge inspiration and I expect the same from this project. Besides, I simply adore your Russians and other related nationalities.

    The Pegasus houses have been on my list for so long. I should finally buy them. Did you increase the size of the doors on one of them?

  4. Very nice work and the buildings look great!